Do Penis Extenders Actually Work?

Are you looking for a safe, proven way to increase the length and girth of your penis? There are a number of products today that promise guys this exact result, but so many of them come up short – pun intended. Some items provide temporary results that require ongoing purchases while others just don’t plain work. That’s why more and more guys are turning to penis extenders.

Why? Because they actually work!

What Can Penis Extenders Actually Do?

The benefits of regularly using a penis extender are massive – and we’re not just talking about penis size here. There are a number of tremendous advantages that guys can receive by using an extender in a proper way over time.

  • Extenders help to create a straighter penis. There are a number of reasons why a guy’s penis might have a curve. Some guys are born with them. Other guys develop these thick patches of skin, called Peyronie’s Disease, that can modify the shape of the penis. An extender stretches out these tissues so that a straighter, larger penis is the result.
  • Extenders create more size. This medical device works because it is able to encourage the cells within the penis to divide over time. Including the chambers of the penis and the actual tissues and skin, the rate of growth is dependent on the individual nature of the body and how it approaches cell division. According to the NY Times, some guys see results begin in a couple weeks. Other guys need 4-6 weeks to see noticeable results.
  • Extenders create better erections. Because the tissues of the penis are receiving a consistent level of traction and pressure, there is an associated increase in the flow of blood throughout the penis as well. This is what is necessary for an erection to take place in the first place and a stronger blood flow means stronger erections that can last for a long, long time.
  • Extenders effectively treat Peyronie’s Disease –, a prominent penis extender manufacturer, provides details on how they treat Peyronie’s.

Any combination of these benefits can be seen by guys when they are consistent in their use of an extender. In order to achieve these results, however, the extender must be used for an appropriate amount of time every day. For that to happen, it becomes necessary to find a good device that has an excellent comfort system.

Why Is Comfort Such an Important Part of the Extension Process?

Are you really going to wear something for 6-8 hours that is going to cause you misery during every second of time? Not usually. Even guys that have a high threshold for pain aren’t going to willingly strap on a traction device for their penis knowing that it will cause them a day of pain! Now multiply that by 180, or the amount of days that many extenders are recommended to be worn.

Who would wear the penis extender for the right amount of time with those conditions?

Having a comfort fit system that works with your body shape and type is critically important to the extension process. Without a method of being able to comfortably wear an extender, guys aren’t going to experience the health benefits like they could.
They might not even see ANY results!

The best comfort system that is on the market today has 58 different ways of support so a completely customized experience can be had. If you can’t afford this type of system, look for other comfort additions, like a strap fitting instead of a noose fitting, so you can increase the amount of time the device is actually worn.

If you want a larger penis that gives you harder erections more consistently, don’t just settle for some cheap marketing gimmicks. Invest into yourself today by purchasing a high quality medical device that is proven to work! That’s what a penis extender can do because it does actually work.