How do penis extenders compare with various penis enlargement options?

Up until recently, any man who wanted to enlarge his penis had only a few things to fall back to. These were either some natural remedies that were supposed to make the penis bigger or exercises that were supposed to be done for the same purpose. Then, relatively recently, first penis enlargement surgeries began being done while the last and definitely the biggest innovation in the field of penis enlargement has been the introduction of penis extenders sometime in the 90s.

In this text, we would like to see how penis extenders compare with these options that we have mentioned already – the natural pills and products, penis surgery and penis exercises. We will be looking into the different aspects of these available options, such as safety, the price and the efficacy.

We would like to start with the price as this is something that surely interests you. Penis enlargement exercises are definitely the cheapest. They are free from charge and even if you decide to buy a manual of some kind, you will be spending very little. Penis extenders are the next cheapest thing as there is only one purchase to think about and not such an expensive one. The next are the natural pills that would be cheaper than the extenders if they didn’t involve months’ worth of bottles that you will have to buy in order to try for certain results. Penis enhancement surgery is definitely the priciest, setting you back for thousands of dollars.

When it comes to the efficacy, only penis surgery and penis extenders have scientific data behind their claims. Penis surgery can increase the size of your penis to a certain extent, usually nothing spectacular. Penis extenders can provide you with incredible results, especially if you really commit to the program. Penis enlargement pills are very suspicious when it comes to their efficacy as are the penis exercises that have yet to be proven to be effective.

When we are talking about safety, we should start from the most dangerous of the options. We will therefore start with penis exercises that are definitely the riskiest. They involve strenuous exercising of the penis, and what is worst uncontrolled exercising of the organ which often leads to severe injuries and harmful effects on the functionality of the penis. Penis enhancement surgery is also extremely risky, even though it is done by medical experts. Still, it is surgery and every surgery is a risk. When we look at penis enlargement pills and other products that you ingest, you might think that you are looking at the safest option. Unfortunately, this is not true as there are cases in which they are produced in unregulated labs using all kinds of potentially harmful ingredients. Penis extenders come on top once again, mainly thanks to the scientific approach and absolute care about your safety when being manufactured.

As you can see for yourself, it turns out that penis extenders are in the top two places in each of the categories, which makes them the clearest choice in our opinion.