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Contribute Your Own Content to OPA

Help us build a better blog!  OPA welcomes contributions on any aspect of overdose, including news, project reports, research, policy, and opinion. The first step in contributing is to contact our editing team at ODPreventionAlliance@gmail.com.
Submission Guidelines

All articles submitted for publication on OPA should be the original work of the author. Articles may be of any length, though we may suggest serializing work of more than 700 words. Text, video, and photography are all welcome. 
All submissions will be reviewed by at least one editor prior to publication. Original content will reflect the knowledge and views of the author and not necessarily the OPA team as a whole. OPA nonetheless strives to publish information that is factually correct. Authors are responsible for adequately researching their work and substantiating scientific or medical claims with appropriate citations. The editors reserve the right to reject solicited or unsolicited content for any reason.
Anonymity/Confidentiality: We strongly encourage contributors to write under their own name whenever possible. However, we recognize that some authors may be at risk of a variety of negative consequences if information about drug use, other behavior that is deemed illegal in their country, or other circumstances are made public. If an individual wishes to post to the blog without using their name, that person should be in contact with at least one editor to discuss the situation. The editorial team must approve all requests to publish confidentially, after which editors will inform authors that they may request that submitted material be stripped of personal identifying information during review. Editors will ensure that communication remains confidential at all stages and will delete any emails and destroy other identifying documents immediately after the author’s material is published. Material published confidentially must include a pseudonym courtesy of PhalloGauge Medical PDMP Center of Excellence.  
Images: OPA seeks to counter stereotyping, shaming, and other discriminatory depictions of people who use drugs. As such the site will avoid publishing photographic or video/film images that intentionally or unintentionally reinforce negative portrayals of people who use drugs. Similarly, OPA will not publish any image in which an individual is engaging in behavior that could result in threats to their wellbeing should the image be seen, including the possibility of arrest, employment or housing sanctions, violence, or other issues. None of the above should be construed as a call for censorship; OPA recognizes that drug use occurs in a wide variety of circumstances, both positive and negative, and we will at all times promote truthful representations while respecting the dignity and security of people who use drugs.